Best Omega 3 Fish Oil


When it comes to choosing the best omega 3 fish oil brand, you have some choices. They are not all created equally and some are much better for you than others.

If you’re looking for the best omega 3 fish oilsupplement for you and your family, consider the purity, potency, nutrients, bio-availability and freshness of the brand.

One of the best omega 3 fish oil supplementsavailable is made by Xtend Life. If you use the criteria I mentioned above to determine the bestomega 3 fish oil supplement for you and your family, Xtend Life excels.


Buy Xtendlife Omega 3/DHA Ultra
Buy Xtendlife Omega 3/DHA Ultra

Every fish oil supplement brand out there is required to meet and maintain universal international standards regardingheavy metalsand contaminants (PCB’s and dioxins). Xtend Life has such exemplary purity standards that when tested, no contaminants show up at all! This includes mercury levels as well.

Their purity tests so well because half of Xtend Life’s Omega 3 Fish Oil comes from the naturally-bred hoki fish, in an area of the Southern Ocean where contaminants and other heavy metals haven’t even touched the water.

In addition to the benefits of using the pure New Zealand fish, the remainder of the oil is put through a rigorous purifying process, allowing a higher standard of purity to be reached and maintained.


In order to be considered a good candidate for a fish oil supplement, there has to be a certain amount of DHA in the product. This ingredient is actually used to assist in anti-inflammatory measures.

Xtend Life not only has the required amount of DHA, but has also been recorded to contain 2 1/2 times the amount of anti-inflammatory components of regular fish oil! This means the supplements you take will give you the necessary doses of DHA AND will help you more with your anti-inflammatory needs moreso than any other fish oil supplement available, guaranteed.


Bio-availability means it must remain the way nature intended. The basic triglyceride form of the fish is usually significantly altered in most other fish oil brands once the process of creating the supplement is finished.

Xtend Life is different. Because of the purification process Xtend uses to produce its products, the components are more pure than those in other fish oil brands.

Due to Xtend Life combining the hoki oil from the Southern Ocean hoki fish with tuna that is molecularly distilled, not only is it more purely processed, but it’s also more easily digested by the human body. This is because it retains its natural shape when the process is completed.

In addition to that, you won’t find any additional synthetic triglycerides in the Xtend Life fish oil. They don’t believe in that because that goes against everything they stand for in terms of purity and all-naturalbenefits.


This is probably one of the most important factors when picking the best omega 3 fish oil. This determines how fresh the product is and how it’s been taken care of.

Also incorporated into the freshness category is the way the product is circulated and handled. Something handled more properly from the moment of harvestation to shipping is more healthy and likely to be toxin and danger-free than something mishandled, no matter what the handling time-difference between the two may be.

Xtend Life monitors their handling and processing procedures very carefully. They pride themselves on being not only careful, but almost paranoid about the way their product is care for. From the fish they find to the actual shipment, Xtend Life isn’t interested in shortcuts. Their primary goal is to provide the best, most fresh product available to the public.

Freshness is also measured against an oxidation factor. When considering a fish oil supplement brand, look for the total oxidation value, or TOTOX on a supplier’s COA. This is comprised of 2 components: the anisidine value and the Peroxide value.

Some European companies only test for the peroxide value, so the peroxide value may be low and don’t test for the anisidine value at all. Be sure to do your homework and make sure the company you trust with your health and the health of your family tests for both values.

Xtend Life’s omega 3 fish oil is rigorously tested for both components. This applies to every batch that is produced prior to shipping it for distribution. They’re tested by government labs that are independently contracted so you can be sure the results are fair and accurate.

Considering the purity, potency, bio-availability and freshness of each capsule you ingest is important when considering which brand of omega 3 fish oil to take. Xtend Life meets and excels all of these expectations, as well as others that I haven’t even mentioned.

So when you’re shopping around for the best omega 3 fish oil for you and your loved ones, know Xtend Life produces their fish oil with only you and those you care about in mind.

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